Joseon Commemorates 100th Year Anniversary of the March 1st Movement

Imperial Family of Korea

March 1, 2019 marks the 100th anniversary of the March 1st Movement, also known as the March 1st Independence Movement. One hundred years ago, thousands of Koreans marched in solidarity as a result of Emperor Gojong’s passing and established the iconic Provisional Charter of the Korean Provisional Government – later to be known as the Republic of Korea. While the March 1st Movement is Korean in origin, it has come to symbolize freedom and independence on a much larger scale.

100th Year Anniversary of March 1st Movement to be commemorated all around the world

To celebrate the anniversary, King Soek Lee lead the Imperial Family of Korea delegation at recreation marches in both Jeonju and SeoulPresident Moon Jae-in visited the graves of important independent activists. The Republic of Korea even announced earlier in February that it would pardon 4,378 activists and other minor offenders. On March 2nd, Seoul Camerata Vocale will perform the “Yoo Gwan-sun Opera Cantata” at The Sejong Center for the Performing Arts in commemoration of the 100th year anniversary.

The original March 1st Movement saw multiple marches across occupied Joseon and offshoot marches as far away as Philadelphia. To commemorate the centenary celebration of the March 1st Movement, Koreans all around the world are holding marches, ceremonies, and exhibits. In Texas, the Korean American Association of Killeen will be hosting a ceremony to commemorate the anniversary. In New York, the Korean Cultural Center New York will be opening a month and half long exhibition titled: Looking Back at the Independence Movement of Korea as part of Asia Week. While this movement may be Korean in origin, as we can see from the widespread commemoration of its centenary, the March 1st Movement has come to symbolize freedom and independence internationally.

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