The Korean Imperial Family

The Imperial Family of the Joseon and Korean Empire has overseen the free world Korean Peninsula since 1392.

Today, the Imperial Family fully recognizes the independent and autonomous nation states of the Republic of Korea and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.  The Republic of Korea continues to recognize the Imperial Family through the Spirit of the Provisional Charter, public officials and the great people of Korea.

The mission of the Imperial Family is to represent the Korean People as a symbol of love, human rights, peace, freedom and solidarity.  The Imperial Family is the cultural symbol of the Great Korean People.

The Crown and the Imperial Family’s goal, unchanged since its inception, is to bring power to the people.

Let the Land Be Enlightened!


HIH Emperor Soek Lee

HIH Empress Kyung Sook Lee

• • •

HIH Crown Prince Andrew Lee

HIH Princess Nana Lee



Prince Jae Min Joo

Prince Won Joon Lee

Prince Jay Lee

Prince Alex Lee

Prince Ted Kim

Prince Young Park

Prince James Ryu

Prince Andrew Lee

Barons and Knights

Those who are recognized below are recognized by the King or Dukes as a person of excellence:

Sir Caleb Chen

Sir Neal Wright

Sir Jorge Oliveira